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Religion No More

Living free from religion in a religious world.

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Living without religion in a religious world.
This community was started by 2 people who left different cult like religions and became atheists. It is a place to be safely free from religion. It is a place to question religion and the existence of god without fear. We believe that a world free from religion would be a happier safer world for all of us. If you are here because you have left a religion/cult, we are offering our support because we have been there. Any ideas about how to deal with still believing family members is welcomed.

Membership is moderated for the safety of the members and suspected trolling of any kind will be stopped dead in its tracks. This community is open to Atheists and Agnostics, or those who are simply questioning and looking for support, however the religious are asked to seek out communities that are either religion based, or open to religious debate.

If you are having a personal issue with anyone in the community, please feel free to private message any of the maintainers.

Community rules:
1. Absolutely NO religious debate whatsoever. If you are here and suspected of being here to convert, you will be immediately warned once and then banned.
2. Absolutely NO "I am smarter than you are" contests. Not everyone is well schooled in quantum physics or calculus if you are, great, please share information with us but don't be a pompous ass about it.
3. NO TROLLING. If you act like a troll or post like a troll you will be gone without warning.
4. Posting of videos is absolutely acceptable if they are on topic.
5. Please refrain from religious bigotry.
6. Play nice and speak respectfully. It is ok to disagree, but do it in a peaceful and kind manner.
7. We are against any kind of dogma. Including non religious dogma. Please do not make the assumption that Atheists are some how smarter than theists. If that is your belief you are in the wrong place. We are free to question, completely disagree with, and totally and completely not understand religion and/or theists, but we are not here to simply bash them.